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Did you know that your employer may have a Corporate Match program? If you donate $5.00, they will match it, if you donate $100, they will match it. Check with your benefits manager for your company’s details to donate to Circle of Love XO Inc.

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Through Corporate Volunteer Grant Programs, your employer gives grant money to nonprofits based on how many hours its employees volunteer.

Contact us for more information!


Hold a fundraiser to benefit our cause! Encourage your coworkers to organize an event; it can be a lunch, a walk, or a fun contest between departments or offices to raise dollars to support us in providing comfort items to those in need. Perhaps give prizes or a dress down day to the winning department or person. Run a Yarn Drive in your office or church for a particular month. We can always use material donations! Contact us for details!

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Share your skills and services with us! We may need a conference room, or a photographer, or help preparing for a mailing. Contact us! All of your donations, no matter the amount, are very much appreciated. With your support and
sharing our cause with others, we can continue to support and benefit our community’s needs.

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