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2020 Accomplishments

January began with Merck’s Annual Friendship Event which is always a fun time. This year they stuffed a few hundred mastectomy pillows for our Breast Cancer program. The event itself runs a couple hours but helps us with an on-demand inventory. Everyone knows someone going through something bigger than themselves and this is a wonderful way to give back. Contact me if your group or family would like to host a Friendship Event to help us!

Shortly after Covid 19 hit, our production of hats and blankets turned into masks and ear savers. How do we thank everyone who plays a part in caring for us and our loved ones? How do we thank everyone who puts their life on the line everyday to keep us safe, fed, and entertained? Remember to reach out to others, to support local business, to help other nonprofits, to contribute to what resonates with you no matter how small the amount. Circle of Love XO continues to donate comfort items to preemies, infants and patients under care.

Hat Not Hate, an antibullying campaign is a wonderful awareness campaign which we were a part of this year. They distribute blue hats to students in schools across America to remind everyone that Kindness Really Matters and it’s never acceptable to bully anyone, anytime, anywhere. This year’s hats (over 32,500 blue hats) will be distributed in 2021 because of pandemic.

Hats for the Holidays is another program we were invited to be a part of for the second year. Preemie hats will be delivered to NYU Langome by a family giving back to the NICU honoring the memory of their Baby James. It’s always an honor to be a part of the unconditional love of so many. We will continue to branch out and help in your community; you can count on us to create comfort through a common thread.


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